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Published Since: July, 2017

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I Remember Nightfall
Di Giorgio, Marosa
Poetry. Translated from the Spanish by Jeannine Pitas in a bilingual edition. Cover art by Basil King. This new translation of Marosa di Giorgio, one... (more)

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Piece of Work
Dorsen, Annie
Drama. Performance Studies. Mixing live performance with algorithms and interfaces, A PIECE OF WORK is the second project in Annie Dorsen's "algorithm... (more)

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Kholin 66: Diaries and Poems
Kholin, Igor
Poetry. Translated from the Russian by Ainsley Morse and Bela Shayevich. Illustrated with Ripley Whiteside's drawings of Kholin and his friends. KHOLI... (more)

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Before Lyricism
Vakalo, Eleni
Poetry. Translated from the Greek by Karen Emmerich. BEFORE LYRICISM includes six book-length poems: The Forest (1954), Plant Upbringing<... (more)

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Dream of Enlightenment: The Rise of Modern Philosophy
Gottlieb, Anthony

Anthony Gottlieb’s landmark The Dream of Reason and its sequel challenge Bertrand Russell’s classic as the definitive history of W... (more)

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Why Poetry
Zapruder, Matthew

An impassioned call for a return to reading poetry and an incisive argument for poetry’s accessibility to all readers, by critically acclaimed poet... (more)

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Nest of Vipers
Camilleri, Andrea & Stephen Sartarelli, trans.
In the latest installment of the New York Times bestselling Inspector Montalbano mystery series, Montalbano investigates the death of wealth... (more)

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Survival Guide to the Misinformation Age: Scientific Habits of Mind
Helfand, David J.

We live in the Information Age, with billions of bytes of data just two swipes away. Yet how much of this is mis- or even disinformation? A lot of... (more)

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Con Men: Hustling in New York City
Williams, Terry & Trevor B. Milton

This vivid account of hustling in New York City explores the sociological reasons why con artists play their game and the psychological tricks they... (more)

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Who Made Early Christianity?: The Jewish Lives of the Apostle Paul
Gager, John G.

In this historical and theological study, John G. Gager undermines the myth of the Apostle Paul's rejection of Judaism, conversion to Christianity,... (more)

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Understanding Ignorance: The Surprising Impact of What We Don't Know
DeNicola, Daniel R.

Ignorance is trending. Politicians boast, "I'm not a scientist." Angry citizens object to a proposed state motto because it is in Latin, and "This... (more)

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Spieker, Sven

The effects and meanings of destruction are central to the work of many of our most influential artists. Since the early 1960s, artists have employ... (more)

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Chicago Renaissance: Literature and the Visual Arts in the Midwest Metropolis, 1893-1955
Olson, Liesl
A fascinating history of Chicago’s innovative and invaluable contributions to American literature and art from the late nineteenth to the mid-... (more)

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Feeling Jewish - (A Book for Just about Anyone)
Baum, Devorah
In this sparkling debut, a young critic offers an original, passionate, and erudite account of what it means to feel Jewish—even when you’re n... (more)

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Enraged - Why Violent Times Need Ancient Greek Myths
Anhalt, Emily Katz
An examination of remedies for violent rage rediscovered in ancient Greek myths

Millennia ago, Greek myths exposed the dangers... (more)

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Six Drawing Lessons
by Kentridge, William

Over the last three decades, the visual artist William Kentridge has garnered international acclaim for his work across media including drawing, fi... (more)

How to Read Oceanic...
by Kjellgren, Eric
Art from Oceania, the region encompassing the islands of the central and south Pacific, spans hundreds of distinct artistic processes, formats, a... (more)
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