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Library Live at Labyrinth Presents: Kendra Levin & Brian Herrera
Library Live at Labyrinth Presents: Kendra Levin & Brian Herrera — Become the Writer You Were Born to Be
Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 at 6PM — Labyrinth Books Princeton

Labyrinth and the Princeton Public Library invite you to a practical and spirited presentation about how to jump-start your writing process.

Imagine having your own personal mentor—someone encouraging yet honest, supportive yet empowering, who could help you set and achieve your goals, turn your moments of doubt and fear into sources of strength, and discover what you’re truly capable of when you’re at your best. Kendra Levin is here to help you do the best writing of your life—and live your best life while doing it. She weaves together wisdom drawn from her years as a life coach for writers and an editor at the world’s biggest publishing house with behind-the-scenes stories from a panoply of best-selling authors and career entertainers. The book contains over thirty exercises designed to help you reinvent your creative process.

Kendra Levin is a certified life coach for writers, as well as a children’s book editor, teacher, and writer. She has been on the editorial staff at Penguin since 2005, editing all ages from picture books to young adult, and her books have received national awards. Kendra has taught classes for a range of populations from media professionals to prison inmates and has spoken at writers’ conferences and retreats in over twenty states. Her theatrical works have been produced Off- and Off-Off Broadway and regionally, and her eclectic professional writing credits include celebrity speeches, a bar guide, and Mad Libs. Brian Herrera is Assistant Professor of Theater at Princeton University. Brian's first bookLatin Numbers: Playing Latino in Twentieth-Century U.S. Popular Performance, was recognized with the George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism. He is presently at work on two new book projects: Starring Miss Virginia Calhoun, a narrative portrait of a deservedly obscure early 20th century actress/writer/producer, and Casting — A History, a historical study of the material practices of casting in US popular performance.

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