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Chad Goerner
Chad Goerner — A Tale of Two Tigers: The Historic Consolidation of the Princetons
Sunday, May 7th, 2017 at 3PM — Labyrinth Books Princeton

In 2011 Princeton Township and Princeton Borough voted to merge into a single town, overcoming six decades of failed attempts. The consolidation of the Princetons is a victory for government reform advocates in a state of inefficient 'home rule' and overwhelming layers of government: 565 municipalities, 599 school districts and 21 county units. In A Tale of Two Tigers, Princeton Township's last Mayor, Chad Goerner, tells the story of the consolidation, which he spearheaded. Please join us for a presentation and discussion.


The first large-scale New Jersey municipal merger in over a century, Princeton's consolidation has generated considerable savings and operating efficiencies. Their success has provided a template for other towns to use in their own consolidation and service regionalization efforts.


Chad Goerner wrote the original proposal for the towns to develop a consolidation and shared services study commission and structured the process by researching Princeton's past consolidation failures. The book looks at the history of collaboration between the two towns and tells an important and sometimes comical, sometimes tragic, tale of the attempts to consolidate. It also serves as a how-to manual to advise and guide other officials seeking the advantages of consolidation and/or regionalized services.


Chad Goerner is the former Mayor of Princeton Township and a key architect in the consolidation of Princeton Borough and Princeton Township that was successfully completed in January of 2013. He developed the proposal to advance consolidation in the Princetons, served on their consolidation commission and transition task force, and is an advocate for more efficient and effective government. He is currently a financial consultant with UBS.

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