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Title Details
History of Western Philosophy by Russell, Bertrand
History of Western Philosophy
by Russell, Bertrand
Table of Contents Preface by Author Introduction BOOK ONE. ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY Part I. The Pre-Socratics Chapter I. The Rise of Greek Civilization Chapter II. The Milesian School Chapter III. Pythagoras Chapter IV. Heraclitus Chapter V. Parmenides Chapter VI. Empedocles Chapter VII. Athens in Relation to Culture Chapter VIII. Anaxagoras Chapter IX. The Atomists Chapter X. Protagoras Part II. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle Chapter XI. Socrates Chapter XII. The Influence of Sparta Chapter XIII. The Sources of Plato's Opinions Chapter XIV. Plato's Utopia Chapter XV. The Theory of Ideas Chapter XVI. Plato's Theory of Immortality Chapter XVII. Plato's Cosmogony Chapter XVIII. Knowledge and Perception in Plato Chapter XIX. Aristotle's Metaphysics Chapter XX. Aristotle's Ethics Chapter XXI. Aristotle's Politics Chapter XXII. Aristotle's Logic Chapter XXIII. Aristotle's Physics Chapter XXIV. Early Greek Mathematics and Astronomy Part III. Ancient Philosophy after Aristotle Chapter XXV. The Hellenistic World Chapter XXVI. Cynics and Sceptics Chapter XXVII. The Epicureans Chapter XXVIII. Stoicism Chapter XXIX. The Roman Empire in Relation to Culture Chapter XXX. Plotinus BOOK TWO. CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY Introduction Part I. The Fathers Chapter I. The Religious Development of the Jews Chapter II. Christianity During the First Four Centuries Chapter III. Three Doctors of the Church Chapter IV. Saint Augustine's Philosophy and Theology Chapter V. The Fifth and Sixth Centuries Chapter VI. Saint Benedict and Gregory the Great Part II. The Schoolmen Chapter VII. The Papacy in the Dark Ages Chapter VIII. John the Scot Chapter IX. Ecclesiastical Reform in the Eleventh Century Chapter X. Mohammedan Culture and Philosophy Chapter XI. The Twelfth Century Chapter XII. The Thirteenth Century Chapter XIII. Saint Thomas Aquinas Chapter XIV. Franciscan Schoolmen Chapter XV. The Eclipse of the Papacy BOOK THREE. MODERN PHILOSOPHY Part I. From the Renaissance to Hume Chapter I. General Characteristics Chapter II. The Italian Renaissance Chapter III. Machiavelli Chapter IV. Erasmus and More Chapter V. The Reformation and Counter-Reformation Chapter VI. The Rise of Science Chapter VII. Francis Bacon Chapter VIII. Hobbes's Leviathan Chapter IX. Descartes Chapter X. Spinoza Chapter XI. Leibniz Chapter XII. Philosophical Liberalism Chapter XIII. Locke's Theory of Knowledge Chapter XIV. Locke's Political Philosophy Chapter XV. Locke's Influence Chapter XVI. Berkeley Chapter XVII. Hume Part II. From Rousseau to the Present Day Chapter XVIII. The Romantic Movement Chapter XIX. Rousseau Chapter XX. Kant Chapter XXI. Currents of Thought in the Nineteenth Century Chapter XXII. Hegel Chapter XXIII. Byron Chapter XXIV. Schopenhauer Chapter XXV. Nietzsche Chapter XXVI. The Utilitarians Chapter XXVII. Karl Marx Chapter XXVIII. Bergson Chapter XXIX. William James Chapter XXX. John Dewey Chapter XXXI. The Philosophy of Logical Analysis Index
Published 19671030 by Simon & Schuster, Paperback, 895 Pages, ISBN: 9780671201586, ISBN-10: 0671201581, List Price $27.00.

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